Sunday, 25 May 2014

Thoughts on the Cesc Fabregas saga, CL final and released players

Let's make this clear - in an ideal world, I would not want Cesc Fabregas back. Sure, he was the poster boy of Wenger's Project Youth and he gave us many emotional moments, if not trophies. Moreover, My refusal on wanting him back is not related to his manner of departure from the Emirates, but is more on the priority of signing a creative midfielder. 

We didn't spunk 42 million quid on Mesut Ozil to give up on him after one season, only to spunk 25 million quid on another. It's a waste of resources and doesn't make footballing sense. It would be better (and indeed, more cost-effective) to pursue a one-year contracted Khedira, for instance.

However, even though I am past the manner in which Fabregas left Arsenal, it has left him being trustworthy, to me at least. Have you ever heard of a player who is so desperate to leave a club that he goes on strike and contributes £5m to the buying club's transfer fee? Forget the fact it was his hometown Barcelona, such attitude is unprofessional. Arsenal wasn't a prison, it was the club that recognized his talents.

Anyway, what worries me now is Manchester United's interest in the player. I always knew that Fabregas would never leave Barcelona last season for David Moyes, mostly because he was happy at Camp Nou. But that was last year.

12 months down the line, things have changed. Barca have had a piss poor season, they have managerial instability, and the Catalans, for some reason, are making Cesc the scapegoat for their problems, despite his best season statistically. While he hasn't revealed anything yet, Fabregas could so easily be unhappy at Barcelona.

Normally, I wouldn't be too concerned about United's reported interest in him, because as long as Cesc was happy at Barcelona, there was no way United could lure him. However, after changing times at Barca and a confirmed £30m bid from United, there is a chance that Fabregas could play for United next season.

You might chuckle, because Fabregas has publically stated that Arsenal and Barcelona will remain his two playing clubs for his entire career. However, don't times change in football?

Arsene Wenger, 12th July 2011: "Imagine the worst situation, that we lose Fábregas and Nasri; you cannot convince people that you are ambitious after that."

van Persie, 28th February 2012: “I am a true Gunner. I love this club and that’s no secret."

Just two of many examples.

I'm just saying, there is no trusting a player who forced a transfer from a club with such shocking means. Of course, Fabregas would prefer going to Arsenal rather than United, for he clearly has affection for this club. In addition, returning to Arsenal will propel his PR image by justifying his quotes.

However, what if Arsenal never approach him? I have reason, if not proof, to believe that Wenger's does not give a rat's ass about the Cesc Fabregas situation, and I agreed with his stance earlier. However, after the £30m bid, it is obvious that we cannot let United pursue Fabregas, especially because we have contractual and emotional advantage over the player.

I have no idea if Arsenal are trying to bring Fabregas back, but it seems they don't care enough to. However, after the £30m United bid, the answer is clear - we need to move on Cesc.

We should buy Fabregas, only and only because it will hinder the progress of a direct rival. Never mind the fact he may be surplus to requirements from the very start, we should buy him so to not help the other team. Alex Ferguson did it with van Persie even though he had Rooney. Real Madrid did it with Bale even though they had Di Maria, and hence.

Di Maria was quite outstanding yesterday, on that topic. Grossly underrated and overlooked for players like Ronaldo and Bale, who weren't up to the mark. While I felt for Atletico, who lost out on the CL after such a landmark season, Real Madrid were deserved winners. Their style of football is something I've been wanting from Arsenal, what I believe is the best form of football in the whole world, presently. Klopp's pressing philosophy is promising, but at the moment dynamic wingers are king.

Possession football is dead. Bayern Munich proved it last year and Real Madrid proved it this year.

Bayern oriented their game around Ribery and Robben under Heynecks, trashed Barcelona (a possession-oriented team) and won the CL. Guardiola took over Jupp, gave possession football more preference by buying Gotze and Alcantra, and got trashed 5-0 by Real, a team that have strength concentrated on their wings. Real won the CL yesterday, what does that tell you?

Wenger is insistent on possession football, another factor in Arsenal's constant underwhelming in the EPL. He seems to have forgotten the importance of Pires and Ljungberg 10 years ago.

Instead of playing the striker game, buying a monster winger and calculated potential up front might be better. I won't say no to both, really, I just feel that buying a winger might be more productive. Cesc, in addition, would be a welcome bonus and would put a dent in van Gaal's plans. And isn't that all we want?


Elsewhere, Arsenal's released list is out, confirming departures of Bendtner and Park. Unlike many, I am sad to see Bendtner depart, not because I feel he was integral to our system, but because I had an unusual attachment to him. You can read more of my weird thoughts here. For now, I genuinely wish him well.

Park Chu Young's departure, along with Bendtner, means we have only two strikers at the club - Giroud and Yaya Sanogo. Both have their qualities, but let's face it, not enough to propel Arsenal to major trophies. A striker is a must now.

After PSG spunked cash on Luiz, they'd be looking to cover up the losses. I think you see what I'm hinting at.

Right, that's that. Have a good one, Gooners.

P.S. Whatever happened to Wenger's contract?

-Santi (Follow me on twitter: @ArsenalBlogz )