Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Arsenal vs Besiktas: Match Preview

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One of the annoying things of being a blogger is filling up space when the matter is in desperate dearth.

Match previews for rather uninteresting matches are a fine example of this. At such times, using cliches like "don't underestimate the opposition" and "a win should be the order of the day" are enforced, however much it may bore the author and his readers.

But make no mistake - today is not that day.

Today is not a given. Today should not be taken lightly. And considering our performances and depleted team, today is not a day to feel confident.

I am not fancying our chances tonight. I don't trust the team to come out focused and determined, and to blow the opposition out of the water. I'm not saying that Besiktas are favourites, but that I'd be mighty relieved rather than expectantly happy if Arsenal get past Besiktas.

The team are on the verge of crisis. Giroud's injury has added to the requirements of a fair amount of players. Even with him our performances were unconvincing. We've gotten away with it three times so far. For obvious reasons, I hope today marks a fourth.

Losing tonight would be disaster. Without the lure of Champions League football and the monetary rewards of it, we wouldn't be in the best position to buy players Lord knows we need. We have the best squad assembled since more than half a decade, but it could quickly disassemble without the carrot of CL.

My worry lines have seldom been higher. I can only hope the manager shares the same sentiment.

Fucking come on Arsenal already.

-Santi [Follow me on Twitter @ArsenalBlogz ]